Beverly Wiggins

Beverly Wiggins was first generation raised here in America. Her parents came over from the Phillipines for a better opportunity for their family. She was raised with manners and the best advice that her parents could give her was to always smile and be nice to everyone. She started working at sixteen years old in a family restaurant during the summer. Her shift hours began at 9 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m. She quit that job and was able to get a job at a city pool as a locker room attendant. Her parents believed that education was most important and working hard  so with that she was able to graduate from ELAC in two years, transfer to Cal State LA and graduate two years later. 

This month we were lucky to have Beverly Wiggins alumni of Elac come and be a guest speaker in our P.R class, and what we learn from here we will take with us for years to come we learn so much from her she share some great stories about her past her childhood her adult life and now into her retirement life she’s done so much in her life travel the United States and parts of the world has even been on TV on a game show called Hollywood squares. 

The little things we won’t forget she did as a guest speaker was share some yummy animal cookies give us a 2017 calendar & had us write down our goals on color note cards

Words of wisdom 

  The words of wisdom  by Beverly Wiggins given to us, will stay with us for years to come, and will help us in our journey into the P.R road ahead, starting with the words of wisdom given to her by her parents “always smile” and say “hi” to everyone. Beverly clearly used these words of wisdom in her road to success, another of her best advice is shaking hands with people, leave no stone unturned, always be two steps ahead, always try to look your best, always have a note pad on you and a 12 month calendar, add color to your notes  and last but not least “don’t take time for granted”.

Thank you Beverly Wiggins for coming to share with us from MRS. Sanchez -Rico the P.R class at ELAC 


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