Egyptian Religious Rituals 

By: Steven Jimenez 
Los Angeles County Museum Of Arts
5905 Whilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA90063

On Friday 11-18-16 I attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts in Los Angeles in their Egyptian cultural area. There I learned about a few of their religious rituals that was often performed on a daily bases. Although many other cultures have their own religious rituals, Egyptians had a very unique way that showed how they stood out from the rest. 

Here in this stone tablet shows four priest offering their gods liquid and incense. The liquid represents the nourishment so that the gods will not be parched. They do this in order to please them and also in order for them to refill the Nile River with water in order for their crops to grow. The incense represents the leaving of bad sins that may have been committed. The Egyptians wanted the gods to forgive them for any wrong they may have done so that they will not be punished. Also, like in the Catholic Church, they used the burners to get rid of sins in order to purify people.

This stone tablet is showing a pharaoh and his wife receiving offerings from the priest as well. In the Egyptian culture, pharaohs were worshiped as gods. Here they are receiving food from their priest to show them that they honor them. Pharaohs recieve many gifts from their people they rule over in order to show their respect and honor. It was a norm for people to do this with every ruler. In the top right corner there is a priest shown as a small person pouring liquid into the Pharaohs mouth. The priest is there to serve as a servant to his pharaoh and to please him with anything he needs. The reason the priest is small is because in Egyptian culture only high class rulers and gods were shown as giants ruling over all they conquered. Middle  and lower class people were always shown smaller and at times animals were shown next to the rulers over the middle and lower class. Every detail in the stone tablets has a meaning and purpose for being there. 

Egyptian rituals were very unique and different from others around the world. Their art work that has been discovered shows how intelligent and how religious they were with their offerings, mummification, and pyramids they built. 


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