PR Current Events

By: JoseArturo Trejo

New Balance Shoes.jpgNew Balance Shoes

The link above is an article taken from PR Week which seems to be a new source of current major PR issues. The issue at hand in this article is that Matt LeBretton, the Director of Public Affairs of the American shoe manufacturer New Balance,  had made a statement that which advocated against the TPP, and believes the country will benefit from Donald Trump’s presidency on issues of trade. Another issue was that after statement that had been made by the Director of Public Affairs had been brought to light, the title “The Official Shoes of White People,” came as endorsement from the neo-nazis. This was endorsement was eventually rebuffed by New Balance.  This seemed to have reverberated through social media and lead to the public desecration of the company’s products. This has much to do with lessons learned in the power of public opinion from chapter 5 Communication Theory and Public Opinion. The manner in which the public destroyed their New Balance gear put in perspective their discordancy with what may be considered the company’s position on the matter.



McDonalds .jpgMcDonald’s Research

Although not the prevailing topic, research had been conducted by McDonald’s in order maintain competitive and provide  the customers what they want, a healthier option. The research lead to McDonald’s use of fresh meat as well as the incorporation of finer ingredients and even eliminated the use of some ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup. This I found to have much resonance with chapter 7 Research and Evaluation. The ideas mentioned in this chapter are exemplified by the actions taken place in this article which was to learn through research what you need and evaluate the results to take action therefore, providing the customer what it wants, which was the case with McDonald’s.



Morton Salt and OK Go.jpgMorton Salt with OK Go

The idea of communicating one’s values to a particular public through very very specific channels of communication is the main idea of chapter 9 Communication and the topic and tactics for successful communication are being clamored in this article. Reaching a particular public is definitely the goal in this article. Morton Salt is making the attempt to reach a probably more youthful public through a campaign called “Walk her Walk” that involves the popular music video producing indie group OK Go. Morton is hoping to reach the audience to state that the company itself is transforming is hoping to make a  greater impact in society.



Kellogg pulls from breitbart.jpg

Kellogg Pulls ads from Breitbart

In the article above, Kellogg, the breakfast and snack conglomerate, decided to stop working with Breitbart News for advertising, and the main reason for making this decision  was Breitbart holds values view that are not aligned with those of Kellogg. The conservative news source that has been linked to the alt right movement according to Ragan’s and according to the LA Times, Breitbart has called the action taken by Kellogg of its removal of advertisements un-American. Values seem to play an immense role in the world of PR and business. Seemingly, if one’s values seem to contra those of the general public or of respective businesses, alliances may potentially be broken. The tremendous importance of values and ethics is discussed in chapter 6 Ethics and Social Responsibility.




Secretary of State Mitt Romney?

Both Chapters 6 and 9 have plenty to do with the article above. The matter that is being discussed is the photo along with the meaning and story behind the photo. Mitt Romney, throughout the primaries and general election had been strongly outspoken against Donald Trump and his campaign, yet in the photo that was taken this Tuesday, the purpose for the meeting was to discuss his potential position as Secretary of State in a Trump presidency. Mitt Romney very successfully communicated to the world his strong opposition for a Trump presidency and the basis for his opposition is strong discordance  with are traditionally conservative values. The image depicted violently spews irony and Romney’s unimaginable feeling of discomfort. Through Mitt Romney’s strong and successful communication to the world audience and the importance of values that follow the story behind this meeting are what epitomize the lessons taught in chapters 6 and 9.


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