PR Current Events 

By Steven Jimenez 

From chapter 1 we learned about five essential elements explaining what Public Relations was. One of them is that it is a research based social science. It means that it will target a certain percentage of a group of people. 

Here in this advertising article explains who exactly is effected by prop 61. It says that those in that fall in the 88% will be affected by the drug price hike. PR people have to be certain about researching the right percentage because others will try to disprove your theory of the percentages.

In chapter 12 we discussed about crisis communication. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. In PR it is explained that there are different crises than just Mother Nature. 

In this article in the LA Times it shows Nigerian people being shot by soldiers for protesting. This protest had little recognition until they were being shot at by the soldiers. Maybe if it had gotten more recognition the UN could have prevented this shooting. Crisis in PR has certain stages it goes through when an event has happened. 

From Chapter 14 we discussed cross cultural communications. Every country has their own beliefs that have been around for centuries. In the U.S. it is a melting pot of different religions and cultures that live here. 

In this article is the fight for the pipeline in North Dakota. Here not only the Native Americans are fighting to keep the pipeline out but others from different backgrounds and religions come to their aid. These cross-cultural groups have come together against the big company wanting to put it in. PR has to take account that whatever a company is trying to do to a certain group of people that they have to do so without hurting any values or beliefs of that culture. 

From chapter 8 we talked about the planning that goes into PR. In planning there has to be extensive research about a certain plan.

In this article is how to survive a holiday travel. It has different solutions for what a traveler may stubble upon and what they should do. With PR your research will help you gather the needed information to prove your solution even though it may not apply to all.

And from chapter 5 we learned about the power of public opinion. Everyone has their own ideas of  different situations that come along.

In this article it talks about how much you should spend on gifts. It has a break down for every family member and friend with their spending limits. This is the publics opinion of how much to spend. Whatever you feel is righ you do not have to follow this break down. 


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