PR Current Events

By: Tori Duarte 

Public Relations Jobs

In the US News article about a Public Relations Specialist, it talks about what Public Relations really is as a job. In our book in chapter 2, it says that there are six main areas that need to be the main focus in this career and they are:

  • Writing
  • Internships
  • Real world exercises
  • Exposure to guests lectures from practitioners
  • Understanding of business cultures 
  • Social media experience

In this article is mentions that no matter if you work for the President of the US or you for a small organization you will always need to keep a positive publicity for whoever it is you’re working for. You will also always need to keep a close relationship with other journalist and social inquiries. This job also requires creating story pitches, press releases and question and answer interviews. If you’re looking into getting in this type of job these six main focuses are going to be a big part of the job. 

Buzzfeeds fake ADs

When you enter Buzzfeeds website there are a lot of ads and pop up banners,  it once you click on them they go to a completely different website. An example of one of their ads would one that says “How To Get Great Buns”. You would think it would be linked to a workout video of some sort, but really an ad for Carl’s Jr. This I believe is would be an example of manipulation, which we read about in chapter 5.

The article above explains how The Federal Government will be forgiving $108 billion in student debt in the upocoming years. This would be linked to controlled media in chapter nine because it is explaining how certain people will benefit from this decision.

This article is talking about how media has changed throughout the years and how there are many challenges to the way media is used now. In chapter 10 it talks about how new and powerful media is rapidly replacing the old media and how many people are questioning what the values of their education.

Social Media has grown into the main platforms for many businesses now. Helping market new products or sales. But it’s not just posting a picture and that’s it the message you’re trying to get across to your audience is important by the way you say it and how you’re saying it. In chapter 11 it explains the importance of knowing which media to use and how to use it to get your message across to your public. 


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